Modern Cubic Zirconia Heart Necklace & Earrings


Modern Cubic Zirconia Heart Necklace & Earrings(Style: OCS12)

This extremley sparkley necklace is made from differently shaped faceted cubic zurconia. (triangles,squares,ovals and a central heart) with the mounts and the chain being rhodium plated. It measures 14″ with an adjustable chain taking it to 16″, and is perfectly complemented by our multi faceted cubic zurconia heart earrings, set on a raised mount of 925 sterling silver with a pierced fitting. The stone measures 9mm x 8mm.

Packaged in a beautiful leopard print.

Cubic Zirconia
c.z is well known as a substitute for diamonds due to its hardness and great fire. But in recent times it has established itself as a gorgeous gem in its own right.

This components of this jewellery set are also available seperately.



Cubic Zirconia, RhodiumĀ and Sterling Silver